Grand Palais de Paris: Renovation Enters the Design Phase


Systematica, and the entire international Design Team led by LAN, Paris-based architectural firm, have just started the design phase for the renovation of Grand Palais in Paris, one of the most important and largest venues for art and fair exhibitions in France’s capital city. The renovation proposal foresees a relevant increase in available floor area as well as a significant growth of expected visitors, employees and delivery/logistics movements. One of the most important aspects of the renovation project consists in providing the different kinds of visitors – cultural, commercial and public – with convenient, safe and comfortable movements within the articulated visiting framework of the building, while ensuring at the same time, full consistency with the overall aspiration of the site and the requalification of project’s main aims.

To this end, Systematica is assisting the Design Team and providing technical assistance, throughout the ongoing and upcoming design phases, with scientific and comprehensive evaluation of the effectiveness and suitability of all proposed pedestrian mobility and logistics solutions. Systematica will provide high-standard consultancy services in continuous coordination with the Design Team and any external consultant involved in the design process, in order to support the decision making process.

Grand Palais architectural and functional renovation project is one of the ongoing projects Systematica is carrying out in Paris, where in the near future, art masterpieces and art users will flow also according to Systematica recommendations.

For more information about the project, please visit the dedicated page.

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