Systematica at Int’l Conference on Innovative Transport Solutions in St. Petersburg


On October 23rd Systematica will join the international conference on innovative transport solutions in St. Petersburg, organised with the patronage of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation and the Secretariat of the Pan-European Programme for Transport, Environment and Health (The PEP) among others.

Diego Deponte, Systematica’s Partner and Director will deliver a speech to present MIND (Milan Innovation District), the ambitious project conceived to redevelop Milan universal EXPO 2015 site into a new and integrated urban polarity.

Systematica is the author of MIND Mobility Plan aimed at ensuring a “multiple-geography” mobility framework – including internal, local and global connections – and providing MIND with a set of intelligent infrastructure paired with innovative Smart Mobility services. Driverless GRT, ITC and ITS, Smart Parking and EBikes are all components of a cutting-edge mobility plan that will turn MIND into a real international test bed for intelligent mobility.

To know more, visit the official page of the programme.

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