Milan: Urbana Conference 2017 New Mobility, New Urban Populations, New City Uses


Systematica joins URBANA, the conference on urban realm organised by the Department of Sociology of Università di Milano Bicocca, and held in Milan from 4th till 7th of May 2017. URBANA’s main statement is the following: contemporary cities are the place where different people live, move and use urban assets.

In line with the main topic of the meeting, Systematica delivered a speech hinged on the following two main topics: mobility’s improvements undertaken in Milan during the last decade, and; mobility change’s effects on the distribution of resident and working population throughout the Milanese metropolitan area. The speech delivered by Systematica considers also the so-called ‘new urban population’, that has been recently growing more and more; in particular a focus is dedicated to foreigners, youngsters and elder population*.

Systematica’s involvement in URBANA confirms once more the commitment of the company to researching and delivering new approaches and solutions for the ever-changing issue of mobility and transport planning.

*Systematica has already tackled the issues related to Mobility and Elderly Population in the study ‘Shaping Ageing City’ (Project 29_ Shaping Ageing Cities), published by Arup Italia, and developed with Arup Italia, Help International and Intel.

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