Systematica for Byblos LAB: Mobility for Sustainability


Byblos LAB: Mobility for sustainability is a three-day workshop hosted by the Department of Architecture and Design and the Urban planning Institute at the Lebanese American University (LAU). The event involves urban policy makers, transportation developers, academics and researchers invited to think about the role of mobility and public transportation optimisation in shaping more sustainable cities.

Systematica participates to Byblos LAB’s debate through a speech by Diego Deponte, Systematica’s partner and technical director, presenting the case study of Masdar for which Systematica has been involved since 2008.

Masdar City is exemplary in terms of environmentally attentive master planning; indeed its main goal is to provide residents and city-users with the highest quality of life with the lowest environmental footprint with respect to transportation and mobility. To this end, the driving principle of the transportation strategy is designing a city around people’s needs, by enhancing walking as the primary mode of movement and evenly balance the quality of the urban space with the overall functionality of the transportation mechanism. To support walking, the provision of a permeable and fully integrated Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) network, aimed at ensuring comfortable, efficient and seamless “door-to-door” trips throughout the Citadel is the central strategic element around which the overall sustainable mobility strategy gravitates.

For more information about the project, please visit the dedicated page.

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