EXPO 2015: Systematica for Nepal Pavilion


Systematica worked for the National Pavilion of Nepal designed for the coming EXPO 2015, being in charge of the capacity assessment of the Pavilion. Beside verifying the capacity, Systematica worked also at the evacuation scenarios, monitoring the escaping times and the safety paths for the emergencies.

The analysis was developed on all the spaces composing the national Pavilion of Nepal: the Hill; the Stupa; the Restaurant Area; and the Administrative Area. Starting from the Hill, representing the first spatial experience of the Pavilion visitors will proceed towards the Stupa, the real core of the exposition. Visitors will have free access to the Hill, and controlled access to the Stupa, conceived as a museum and capable to contain a limited number of visitors. The expectation of visitors is of about 1300 visitors/hour

For more information about the project, please visit the dedicated page.

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