Systematica for Piazze Aperte Initiative


Tactical urbanism approach is aimed at promoting urban regeneration and sustainable mobility through cost effective and minimal temporary interventions on public spaces. In this regard, Systematica has participated in the open call ‘Piazze Aperte in ogni quartiere’ promoted by Municipality of Milan, in collaboration with Bloomberg Associates, National Association of City Transportation Officials and Global Designing Cities Initiative.

Systematica has presented proposals for Piazza Tito Minniti and Via Lecco, in collaboration with CORE-lab, Politecnico di Milano, Wher app and Free Luna. The two proposals are based on a multi-dimensional assessment to include the level of accessibility of the selected scenarios by means of GIS analysis geospatial datasets and interviews with the inhabitants. The projects seek to enhance the level of walkability of the two areas and monitoring the effectiveness of the interventions through innovative techniques for data collection.

The projects, presented on January 25th, 2020, at Triennale Milano, have been shortlisted towards the second phase of the initiative ‘Piazze Aperte in ogni quartiere’. This will consist in project review activities with the Municipality of Milan and end-users to enable the actual implementation of the project through an effective participatory design approach.


See the link for more information about this initiative.

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