Workshops with the Local Communities of Maine Montparnasse are launched


Following the announcement of the winner of the Maine Montparnasse urban project competition for the regeneration of real estate asset and public space around the Montparnasse tower and multimodal hub in Paris, the city of Paris is organizing multiples events involving citizens and inhabitants of the surrounding neighbourhoods to discuss the proposals through a participatory process.

Systematica participated in the mobility workshop alongside Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners with a working group of citizens, district council representatives and cyclist associations.

The Maine Montparnasse urban project mobility strategy is mainly aimed to improve connectivity with the surroundings, privileging pedestrian and active mobility on all other modes of private transportation, through retrofitting the streets and turning them into complete streets that serve all users, genders, user-ages and purposes. The project hence hinges on the sound principles of urban mobility planning, mainly through reducing the space dedicated for private vehicles, simplifying complex junctions, rationalizing parking distribution and dedicating more space for green and active networks, for walking people.


See the link for more information about this initiative.

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