Iran Mall, the Highest Tower-to-Be in Tehran: VT Study by Systematica


It is 4 years from today that Systematica had expanded its array of consultancy services to include one of today’s most imminent mobility challenges in high-rise buildings: Vertical Transportation (VT) Travel Demand and System Performance Studies. Further to its successful experience in Olaya Tower and Thakher City in KSA and its repetitive peer reviews on other complex projects, including complex retail environments such as Lafayette Department Store in Paris and others, Systematica is appointed to study VT of the highest tower-to-be in Tehran in an annex-development to Iran Mall in the rapidly growing District 22, west of Tehran. Systematica has been using consistently cutting-edge simulation instruments to provide its clients with the most innovative proposals and solution-choices, with the aim to meet the client’s desired objectives. The tower is currently being designed by NORR, Canadian-based architectural leading firm, through its Dubai office and will consists of 50+ floors of multi-tenant and executive high-end office space. The project is located atop Iran’s largest shopping centre, to be inaugurated in early-to-mid 2017, of a surface area of 500,000 square meters circa of Gross Leasable Area of retail. Systematica strives to develop further its VT unit in order to provide a fully comprehensive scientific response to mobility in complex environments, tackled from all facets for improving mobility of people, vehicles and goods.

For more information about the project, please visit the dedicated page.

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