Systematica Launches Its Study of Road SS36 for ANAS


Systematica is appointed by ANAS, the Italian National Authority for Roads and Highways, to develop the technical and economic feasibility study for the requalification of road SS36. The road links Milan to the border with Switzerland, and runs through diverse and delicate ecosystems (i.e. Lake Como, Splügen Pass).

The study aims at identifying all current critical points of the existing road infrastructure and setting the interventions to ameliorate it, in terms of functionality, safety and comfort. The study consists of two distinct phases: during the first phase, a technical analysis of the infrastructure is carried out, to define related socio-economic components as well as territorial and environmental criticalities; the second phase has the objective to define the interventions capable to solve and improve the identified critical points. Systematica classifies three different types of needed interventions to requalify SS36: 1) refurbishment works; 2) safety setting works; 3) functional ameliorating works; for each type of intervention, a concept design is provided as well as the cost estimation.

This Project represents another key experience in Systematica portfolio of infrastructure feasibility studies on regional and national scales.

For more information about the project, please visit the dedicated page.

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