SUMP (Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan) 2020-2030 of the City of Vicenza


Systematica is awarded the SUMP (Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan) 2020-2030 of the City of Vicenza, as part of an extended consortium including TPS Pro, as Team Leader, and Studio Tombolan & Associati.

As a strategic plan, the aim of this assignment is to redesign the mobility patterns of Vicenza, with main focus on:

 – short and long term actions to address new mobility needs (with also reference to the COVID-19 emergence);

 – improve public transport and collective transit modes; 

 – projects and interventions related to the HS railway; and

 – touristic-oriented intervention plans.

The SUMP is a strategic tool recognized by the European Commission for ensuring the overall transport and environmental sustainability with a term of 10 years. It represents a crucial opportunity to reinforce the multi-layered public transport system, encourage active mobility, set an effective framework for smart solutions and multi-modal innovative operational schemes, and, as a result, reduce the environmental footprint of transport sector and improve the quality of urban areas.

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