Systematica is participating in the Riyadh Art Program


Systematica has taken part in the Riyadh Art Program in Saudi Arabia as a Strategic Partner of the Program Management Office (PMO) led by Proger and aimed at achieving the program management requirements through multi-faceted and technical support during the entire process. Other Strategic Partners include CIVITA, KPMG and Triennale Milano.

The project is a civic art initiative of unprecedented scale developed by the Royal Commission for Riyadh City to transform the Kingdom’s capital’s public spaces, encourage community engagement, and accelerate the development of its cultural economy, transforming it into an environmentally friendly and sustainable city that offers the highest livability and lifestyle standards in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 goals.

Art and culture reflect the spirit of a city, and so the Riyadh Art Program has been developed to turn the whole capital into a creative canvas, – an actual gallery without walls -. The project consists of two annual festivals and over 1,000 public art installations that will be placed across the city, from residential neighborhoods to public areas, bridges, pedestrian pathways, and tourist destinations.

The Riyadh Art installations and related festivals will generate vehicular and pedestrian traffic across the city, requiring tailored and effective crowd management and mobility planning strategies to positively impact the visitors’ experience and the overall success of the events. Systematica will therefore play a crucial role in the Riyadh Art Project development and as a Strategic Partner of the PMO, providing sustainable and integrated multimodal transport solutions and ensuring safe and seamless pedestrian accessibility.

Photograph by Angelo Bonello, © Riyadh Art 2021

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