Systematica will join “Forum per il dialogo tra l’Italia e la Svizzera”

Italia-Svizzera in Genova

On April 12 and 13th , Systematica will join the fourth edition of “Forum per il dialogo tra l’Italia e la Svizzera” in Genova, Italy.

Giovanni Bottini, Systematica’s CEO will join the “Transport and Infrastructure” Cluster attended by professionals of both Italy and Switzerland.

The Forum for dialogue between Italy and Switzerland will be attended by the State Secretary for the Prime Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti and Federal Councilor Ignazio Cassis, the two days event includes four focused groups that will work behind closed doors on the topics of:

Cluster I _ Transport and Infrastructure

Cluster II _ Tourism

Cluster III _ Science and Technology: Health and Big Data

Cluster IV _ Europe

The event represents an important opportunity for Systematica to discuss and exchange ideas and experiences on the topic of Transport and Infrastructure with experts from both countries.

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