U.S. Cities: shifting mobility patterns


The first edition of our publication on U.S. Cities: shifting mobility patterns is finally available!

As data becomes more omnipresent in our daily lives and more multifarious in practice, the possibilities to reexamine our mobility patterns through a new lense are seemingly endless. In this book, we dissect American movement patterns as they have developed over recent years by focusing on the trends of five forward-looking cities. 

Covering everything from changes in trip characteristics observed in location-based data to overarching shifts in mobility choices, this collection of studies aims to shed light on the evolution of movement trends in pre-covid America as well as the evolution of methods of data collection and synthesis in a moment of acute data overload.

The long-run effects of the current moment of disruption within the Covid-19 pandemic is nothing if not cloaked in uncertainty. This book offers a snapshot of some of the defining characteristics of the contemporary American mobility landscape and reveals some nascent trends preceding the emergency situation and thereby, possibly also outliving it. Ultimately, the book offers an evidence-driven narrative for potential future mobility in U.S. cities based on a collection of timely data.

Read more and flip through our research here.

The full book is available online here.  

The hardcopy of the book will be launched in a few months.

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