Urban Data Analytics for Inclusion of Women in Transport


Urban mobility plans should be able to respond to the needs of all the city users. Systematica’s H2020 project DIAMOND funded by the European Union addresses the issue of fair inclusion of women in transport sector, both as users and employees through a data analytics approach.

The project studies the fairness of urban and commuter railway infrastructure and service for women as one of the four use cases. The study done by Systematica for the project includes using location based data and GIS in order to identify a list of most relevant stations in Barcelona and Warsaw to be studied further for the purpose of the project.

Our article of “Location-Based Data for the Inclusion of Women in Public Transport” published on the DIAMOND Project website provides a comprehensive and detailed insight of the used methods for the station selection process and how territorial, population and urban mobility data sets are analysed for this study.

See the link to read the full article.

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