Systematica is appointed by RPBW to develop an integrated transport and accessibility plan to support the mobility needs of the regeneration of Faliron Bay, the historical waterfront of Athens; which represents a unique opportunity to envisage a new virtuous approach to urban development in relation to town planning and an innovative model of mobility and transport management, both capable of setting out a firm framework of sustainability, viability and vitality of the urban built environment.

The project aims to re-open the historical dialogue between the city and waterfront, by transforming it into a new prosperous and human urban landmark, within a sensitive balance between the protection of the natural environment and the delivery of urban functions, community facilities and recreational open spaces. An integrated transport strategy is envisaged with the scope to provide a well-conceived, sensitive and cutting-edge transport system with immediate benefits to the project as well as the entire city. Road reconfiguration, public transport accessibility, effectiveness and functionality of access and parking strategy, servicing and delivery strategy, pedestrian environment quality, internal mobility, green links, open spaces and connectivity with key surrounding sites are some of the elements of the entire multidimensional approach undertaken for the study.