The project, a heritage revival of the buildings related to the Pearling Economy of the early 20th century, is a World Heritage Site named Pearling Testimony. The Site comprises of 17 buildings connected by a visitor pathway embedded in Muharraq. Planning transportation and mobility systems in historical city centres is a key element within the general framework of regeneration master plan projects.

Systematica is appointed by the Authority for Culture and Antiquities to assess the current traffic and parking situation and find adapted solutions for the creation of pedestrians-only zones, knowing that street widening in the Old town is not an option and that people, for habit and climatic factors, often prefer to park right next to their living places. Tourist flow along the newly created pathway are also taken into consideration. In addition, parking studies are carried out to assess objectively and validate the choice of the planned multi-storey parking structures.

Systematica develops an integrated set of strategies, defining guidelines and planning solutions for the multi-faceted problematic of transportation and mobility. Strategies for all transport modes are in fact proposed, from vehicular traffic, to public transport, to parking, delivery, pedestrian and wayfinding. Particular attention is also paid on four plots where parking structure could be realized in the coming years.