Curno Shopping Centre represents the anchor of the overall Curno Retail Park. The Retail Park is composed by the mall (hosting an Auchan Superstore and 70 minor shops), several other retailers, a multi-screen cinema and office buildings. The Retail Park parking and accessibility system is mainly based on one single road and on Mall’s parking (total capacity of around 2,000 cars) showing some critical points during peak times.

Systematica is appointed to analyse the identified critical points, through the study of parking demand, and proposes improvement measures and interventions.

The study is based on different analysis: on-site analyses (occupation index, turn-over rate, traffic count at entrance/exit gates, pedestrian traffic counts on main footways) and geometrical and functional analysis.

Moreover, through the application of a specific GIS code developed by Systematica in partnership with Politecnico di Milano, parking occupation index spatial distribution is studied to highlight the most attractive zones. Finally, improvements are proposed on the basis of collected data and analytical tools results.