G124 is the think tank set up by the architect and senator Renzo Piano and focused on Italian cities’ peripheries. G124 takes its name from the number of Renzo Piano senatorial office in Palazzo Giustiniani, turned into a laboratory to plan the regeneration of the outskirts of Italian cities.

G124 Team employs with an annual contract six young architects (three men and three women). To coordinate the work, besides the senator himself, there are tutors: architects, engineers, sociologists and psychologists chosen personally by Renzo Piano who voluntarily follow the projects developed by the six young architects. In 2013, Fabio Casiroli was chosen as mobility expert and since then Systematica has been participating to G124 works in Catania, Rome, Milan and Turin.

The entire work of G124 is based on 20 points, among these the 8th deals with transportation and states that Public Transport is crucial for the multi-fold relations between city centre/periphery/peripheries. Systematica’ s involvement in G124 is aimed at tackling the aspects deemed crucial for developing strategies of good mobility in the peripheral areas.

More information on the official webpage of Renzo Piano’s G124: http://renzopianog124.com/