Transport Malta is in the process of developing a National Transport Strategy (NTS) and Transport Master Plan covering all relevant transport modes for the short, medium and long term.

For these purposes a National Transport Model (NTM) is to be constructed to inform policy and provide an integrated transport analysis. The model will be used for the testing and appraisal of transport scenarios and provision of transport forecasts that will be used to refine the NTS and develop the Transport Master Plan for Malta. Another key application of the model is to produce outputs for more detailed local or project models as input into the engineering design process, economic and financial analysis, environmental assessment, and for monitoring of projects.

Systematica develops the Malta National Transport Model as part of a bigger international Consortium composed by the Spanish firm Ineco S.A., Systematica and the Maltese Company A.D.I.

The project is organised in the three distinct phases – 1) the development of the National Transport Model, 2) the scenarios forecast, through the usage of the Model, and; 3) the Main Reporting.

Systematica is involved in the first two phases. In the first phase the activities carried out by Systematica are aimed at defining a diagnosis of Maltese transport sector in its state of art, and the creation of a Base Year Model; in the second phase Systematica is actively responsible for transport forecasts for multiple scenarios and for the composition of the Malta National Transport Model Technical User Manual.

See the link for more information and  the final report of the project.