The aim of the project is to develop a due diligence/transportation study finalised at evaluating the points of weakness and strength of 4 underground public parking structures located in Parma Municipal Area and managed by Gespar S.p.A. In order to do so, Systematica provides a scientifically-based technical and economical overview on the potential acquisition of the parking lots by the Client.

More in detail, the study is composed of two main parts: the first consisting in a diagnostic analysis while the second one in forecasting the future demand. The first part includes a statistical overview of all economical and static indicators relating the city and the province of Parma, as well as an incisive analysis of urban and regional planning documents. Additionally, detailed analyses of isochronal accessibility to each parking (both in term of pedestrian and vehicular accessibility) are developed to estimate the captive market. Finally, yearly parking profit and demand profile are assessed, by considering also a wide benchmarking of similar situations in other Italian cities.

The second phase of the project envisages the forecast of future demand, based on all data collected during the diagnostic phase, being aimed at assessing potential cash flows, based on existing conditions and potential city future development as well as urban planning prescriptions.