The project consists of a residential development of approximately 170 apartments in the district of Gamdevi-Chowpatty, Girgaom Division, in the southern part of Mumbai. The apartments have their own captive residential parking accessible with a system of 6 car elevators. In addition to this, the development includes a public car parking of 7 floors (3 underground and 4 aboveground).

The Traffic Impact Assessment and parking design review for the Hughes road Development consists of a detailed analysis of the current traffic conditions in the Project’s area and its impacts on primary / secondary roads and junctions within an area of a radius of around 500m defined as the “influence area” along with an accurate revision of the calculated generated traffic and parking demand.

The Project’s nature and complexity is tackled through advanced traffic simulation codes and techniques in order to incorporate all variables and parameters related to vehicular speed, user behaviour, parking layout, drop-off/ pick up system, etc, within a single computation and simulation platform to provide scientific-based output. Several Project scenarios according to different time horizons and road infrastructure conditions are constructed and verified in order to assess the Project’s network capacity for accommodating future traffic volumes.