Systematica is appointed to support the design process during the tender for the construction of the new subway line n. 2 in Lima, Peru. The scopes of the assignment are: 1) assessing scientifically the effectiveness of the architectural layout, as per the original design and; 2) identifying potential mitigation measures and interventions aimed at improving the functionality of the station in light of predicted passengers’ movements during peak hours.

The pedestrian flow consultancy consisted in the comprehensive operational assessment of the functional layout of the nine most critical and significant stations. The stations were analysed by the means of the innovative pedestrian dynamic microsimulation software Legion SpaceWorks® (produced by Legion Ltd®), with regards to all the infrastructural elements (entry/exit points, corridors, mezzanine, platforms, escalators, stairs, etc.) as well as traffic management and control measures (gates, ticket machines, etc.).

The stations were thoroughly investigated during the peak hour of a typical weekday (typical operational scenario) as well as in relation to the emergency measures (evacuation scenario), in compliance with local regulations and standards – in particular NFPA 130.