Pescaccio Retail Park will lead to a major transformation of the area of Rome “Municipio XVI”, lying west to the city centre of Italy’s capital city. The project consists in a large mixed-use development, including a significant retail portion of approximately 150,000 sqm and a large public park.
Systematica is appointed by Lendlease to analyse the potential catchment area as well as a detailed study of the required infrastructural provision.

Due to the complexity and range of provisioned land use and building program of Pescaccio Retail Park, the project involved an in-depth study, which required complex design validation tools and a scenario-based approach for measuring the effects of the development on current traffic conditions and devising appropriate measures for mitigating those effects.

Pescaccio Retail Park represents an interesting case study to explore different aspects of sustainability. The particular morphology of the site (recovery of a former quarry) required attentive consideration related to the accessibility and design of parking areas and to overall design of walking and cycling paths. Further than promoting a clean and clear design, Systematica examined strategic options related to mobility and the relative rating system LEED ND.