The proposed redevelopment of the Corso Garibaldi – Corso Como axis has its roots in the Feasibility Study for the Brera – Garibaldi Environmental Island No. 1 and takes into account the plans and priorities of the civic administration with reference to the creation of urban pedestrian areas.

The proposal, therefore, fits into an organic framework for forecasting and verification, enabling it to be fully compatible with the general objectives contained in the instrumentation program provided by the Municipality of Milan (Urban Traffic Plan and Urban Mobility Plan).

In particular, it is appropriate to remember that:

  • The project in question is the first step towards the re-qualification of the Corso Como and Corso Garibaldi areas to a predominantly pedestrianized area and represents an important although not unique, element within the Brera – Garibaldi Environmental Island. It allows, in essence, the reaching of a significant number of the objectives listed below and identifies the new role that the area can play, even if didactically and experimentally, in the future reorganization of large parts of the city;
  • All the measures envisaged are supported by highly sophisticated quantitative assessments, ranging from compatibility of the measures taken with vehicle loads on adjacent roads to the verification of present and future queuing times in the city network junctions, to the verification of the kinematic imprint of heavy vehicles. In particular, the study for the Environmental Island, of which the Corso Como – Corso Garibaldi axis (1st step) is a part, was given (and would claim to have achieved) the following objectives;
  • The creation of areas intended primarily for pedestrian use in order to provide an elevated identification of pedestrian “privileged” and “protected” routes;
  • The definition of an appropriate network hierarchy;
  • The elimination of crossing routes that currently involve the local network;
  • The integration of existing cycle routes.

The project’s objective is therefore to create a privileged pedestrian path. This endorsement means a place where vehicular traffic is permitted only to residents and emergency vehicles and, within certain daily time bands, for the loading/unloading of commercial merchandise, a place where priority is given to pedestrian traffic. The project is particularly aimed at the following road sections: Corso Como from Via De Cristoforis to Piazza XXV Aprile, and; Corso Garibaldi from Piazza XXV Aprile to Largo La Foppa.