Located in the heart of the city of Sanremo, between the historic centre and the sea, the historic port called “Porto Vechio” has the structure and morphology that dates back to the end of post-war period. The recent shift in the hinterland of the railway line in addition to construction of a cycling path, has formally reduced the public space that has characterized the area for years. The project aims at regenerating the waterfront area by mitigating vehicular traffic flow, improving connectivity with the city, creating high quality public realm, extending pedestrian connectivity to and from the city centre and ensuring pedestrian safety in the vehicular-pedestrian conflict points.

Systematica joins the design team for defining the mobility strategies of the project including vehicular, public transport and active modes of transport such as walking and cycling. The proposed vehicular traffic modifications are verified through the use of dynamic traffic modelling tool able to simulate the behaviour of all users including pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, public transport vehicles, commercial and heavy vehicles in order to identify the optimal scenario. A survey campaign of vehicular traffic counts is used to calibrate the traffic model base scenario and evaluate the possible design options to reach the final optimal conclusion.