Systematica was commissioned by Accord Invest to carry out the mobility study of the new Simferopol International Airport project. Accessibility and ground transportation play a crucial role in the success of airports. Different transport modes should harmoniously coexist in order to maximize the overall system efficiency as well as to provide a safe and attractive environment for pedestrians.

The study includes 5 sections: i) synthesizes the basic principles that have to be taken into account while designing the access system to an airport terminal; ii) explores in detail critical components for the success of terminals ground transportation through international case studies; iii, iv, v) contain an in-depth analysis of three different scenarios for Simferopol Airport.

The three scenarios are: Baseline scenario received from Client, Improved scenario where some improvements are proposed and Proposed scenario where the layout is revised to improve some of the system critical components identified. All three, circulation schemes of different scenarios are tested through microscopic dynamic simulation model Dynasim 5 (Citilabs) to verify the efficiency of the system.

Based on travel behaviour models, Dynasim allows to model each vehicle as a stochastic item within the modelling environment, with its own behaviour and relations between the other vehicles in the network. This level of detail is the most suitable for traffic impact studies in airport terminals, because each element can be studied in depth and all the solutions can be evaluated.