Crowd Management

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Effective mobility plans and management strategies for major events had proven to be a crucial component in both early strategic and operational phases.

It is also an integral part for improving visitor experience, enhancing safety conditions and ensuring its the overall success.

Mobility is a critical component of the overall visitor experience when attending a major event, and user expectations are continuously getting higher. As a specific service in the transport planning and engineering industry, Crowd Management represents by far one of the most challenging and rapidly evolving domains.

In particular, the main activities are aimed to: developing solid multi-scaled analysis and reliable mobility demand forecasting, based on Revealed/ Stated Preference Surveys’ outcomes; assessing cost-effective and well-balanced measures and interventions, able to justify investments for temporary uses; managing, in a comfortable and safe way, the movement of hundreds of thousands of visitors in a given space, with an eye on heritage and all relevant legacy-related issues.

In order to adequately manage mobility issues during major events, a balanced and sustainable modal shift needs to be achieved through the provision of an integrated transport system and ensure safe accessibility for pedestrians. The latter can be obtained through the implementation of certain measures, among which: the potential reinforcement of specific public transport services; the provision of temporary remote and local parking lots served by bus shuttles, and; the enforcement of traffic-restricted areas around the site.

Crowd management is based on a comprehensive insight of people’s movements and behaviour dynamics through evidence-based analysis and pedestrian modelling

The definition and design of efficient crowd management solutions represents a keystone around which all other strategies orbit, including operational security plans, evacuation plans, healthcare management plans and wayfinding schemes.

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