The Klenoviy Bulvar 2 Metro Station is located in Moscow at the intersection with Klenovy Boulevard and Kolomenskaya street. The new station will contribute to increasing the capacity and connectivity of the metro system by serving as an interchange between the Bolshaya Koltsevaya Line and the planned Biryulevskaya Line.

Based on a user-centric approach and the main principle of leveraging architecture as signifier for the directionality of movements, the design of the station is oriented to optimize the fluidity of people’s patterns and to guarantee universal accessibility by maximizing the comfort, safety and legibility of the space. Systematica provided its evidence-based support on assessing the overall performance level of the station in terms of pedestrian flows and determining the most suitable architectural layout and wayfinding system through full-fledged travel demand analysis and comprehensive Level of Service appraisal to dimension all elements of the station (access points, stairs, escalators and other vertical connections, corridors, waiting areas, platforms, turnstile system, etc.), with the aim to guarantee the best level of service for the people.