ARUP and Systematica for A.C. Milan New Stadium


Systematica was appointed by ARUP Italia to support the design team with the development of a preliminary transport appraisal of the new stadium of AC Milan. The primary aim of the study consisted on an initial evaluation of the overall transport sustainability of the project, based on the specific analysis of all opportunities and potential threats related to the implementation of the new stadium from a transport perspective as well as the definition of the most suitable integrated transport strategies.

Representing a new significant urban polarity at metropolitan-regional scale and due its centrality within the more dense urban area of Milan, accessibility and mobility are deemed central analytical dimensions to be adequately approached for the success of the operation, more especially in relation to the impact generated by the different components of the induced traffic (road traffic, public transport patronage, pedestrian movements) on the quality of the urban fabric.

The different mobility related aspects tackled in the study range from trips and parking demand forecasting, accessibility levels by private vehicles, public transport and specific pedestrian analysis; to this end, a crucial step of the analytical process was concerned with the functional relation between available space and the expected pedestrian pressure generated by the new stadium. The matter was further investigated through the definition of preliminary proposals aimed at ensuring a safe and comfortable access/egress pattern to all the categories of users of the new AC Milan stadium.

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