Fabio Casiroli Article for Corriere della Sera


Fabio Casiroli is the author of an article recently published by Corriere della Sera.

The article is entitled “Se l’Alta Velocità cambia binario” (If high-speed train takes another path) and stresses the need of a specific attention towards the issue of mobility within the Metropolitan Region of Milano.

The core of the article is represented by the dissertation on how implementing an integrated system of traffic signalisation and management along the European railways would double the capacity of said infrastructure, with a restrained cost (circa 15 smaller than the one required for the realisation of high-speed railway line). The thoughts expressed by Fabio Casiroli in the article are far from denying the necessity of railway high-speed lines, on the contrary they aim at proposing a different transportation scenario where said important infrastructure cooperates with other railway systems, less fast but more attentive to the peculiar European urban structure, characterised by a constellation of medium-sized centres quite close to  each other.

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