Fabio Casiroli Passed Away on July 9, 2015


This page has been reserved for news and often they were good ones: awarded competitions, new jobs, kick off meetings, presentations, book publications, articles, etc. This time the news is sadder than ever: Fabio Casiroli, founder and mastermind of Systematica who established this enterprise in 1989, passed away on July 9, 2015. It is a sad moment for Systematica and for all family members and friends. This is also a sad moment for all those who believed and still believe that knowledge, research and development is a key component for achieving progress and for ensuring a better place for upcoming generations; a sad moment for all those who were and are still ready to defy principles and preset thoughts to unveil the unknown and to generously take an audacious step ahead into a future that is not ours. With this note, we bid farewell to a friend, to a rebel, to an intellect and to the man of honour who makes it possible that we are all here standing together as a team to carry on, unceasingly and with the same energy and commitment, his message and mission for years from now.

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