Systematica Learns More about Tehran


Systematica learnt more about Tehran through its recent visit early July 2015 where a series of contacts were established with influential figures and decision makers of both the Public and Private sectors. A series of contacts are established and a seminar was held in the “Urban Forum Home” whereas Systematica shared its view on mobility with a large audience consisting mainly of ministerial technicians, professional experts and intellects interested in rethinking and questioning today’s most challenging issue in modern urbanism: transportation and mobility.

The presentation comprised mainly of an overview on the outcome of years of research, carried out mainly by Systematica’s founder Fabio Casiroli, departed recently, and several other lessons learnt through the tens of projects that Systematica works on every year. This included planning techniques, planning visions, guidelines for developing the transport sector and ways to face the challenge that influences our every day’s life.

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