West Bank and Gaza Strip: National Transport Master Plan Is Concluded


The NTMP – National Transport Master Plan for Palestine (West Bank and Gaza Strip) – was successfully completed and delivered to the Palestinian Ministry of Transport by the multi-disciplinary Consortium led by Systematica, including Politecnica, Air Support, and Idrotec.

The NTMP is the result of a thorough work, undertaken by around 50 professionals – among which are engineers, architects, planners and academics -, 4 international key experts, and 13 Palestinian experts, supported, during the development of the Master Plan, by the EIB – European Investment Bank (Contracting Authority) and the MoT – Ministry of Transport of Palestine (Project Beneficiary).

During the three years of work, a large amount of data was collected and surveyed for the first time to converge into a set of documents and reports on which the final proposal for NTMP was molded. The result of such a complex and multi-faceted work is a multi-modal and integrated transport master plan that involves equally both West Bank and Gaza Strip and includes road, rail, air, maritime, and public transport, with a focus on the key-aspects of logistics and border crossing. Finally, an ad hoc multi-modal transport model was produced to simulate the effect of proposed network in the whole Palestinian Territories.

The comprehensive nature of the NTMP has no precedent ever since the constitution of PNA in 1994, where it aims to incorporate equally West Bank and Gaza Strip into a single and united framework. Systematica, the Consortium and all the authors of NTMP are proud and glad to hand over the NTMP to the Palestinian National Authority, trusting this will constitute a key stone towards the Master Plan’s implementation.

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