Lecco Waterfront


As part of the team headed by Studio Paola Viganò, and together with Alpina Spa, Nexteco and Ferrara Palladino e associati, Systematica was recently awarded the first prize for the refurbishment of the Lecco Waterfront

The two-stage competition started in early 2019 with the aim of redeveloping the 10-kilometre waterfront section connecting Abbadia Lariana with Vercurago and conducting a prefeasibility study for the urban core section, approximately 4 kilometres in length.  

The aim, outlined in the competition brief, is the reinterpretation of the waterfront through measures that enhance the lake and urban context with a focus on sustainability and tradition. Achieving these ambitions requires a multi-scalar vision for the short- and long-term horizon following the feasibility by phases.

Mobility plays a crucial role in redefining the relationship between the built and the natural environment. Systematica’s mobility proposal focused on a set of measures to reduce the impact of vehicle traffic along the waterfront and enhance the offering of alternative modes of transport such as soft modes and public transport, in accordance with the strategic vision of the General Urban Traffic Plan adopted by the Municipality.

Image is courtesy of Studio Paola Viganò

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