Lugano2050: Una Visione e una Proposta di Piano


Systematica has been awarded the 1st prize to develop the Piano Direttore Comunale della Nuova Lugano’ as part of the multi-disciplinary team led by Studio Paola Viganò. The master plan competition was initiated by the Municipality of Lugano as part of a 20-year vision for the territorial and urban development of the entire city.

Through its proposal entitled “Lugano2050: una visione e una proposta di Piano”, the team has interpreted the current and future challenges of Lugano, as well as the role that the municipal master plan holds in addressing them. The group has provided opportune multi-level solutions to the diverse needs of the city and its territory along with a distinct development vision. The work program proposed by the master plan complies with spatial, cultural, landscape and mobility guidelines that address the peculiarities of the entire territory through the envisioned “ four images for transition”.

Systematica has contributed to the development of the transportation and mobility proposals for Lugano2050 with a strong focus on the transition concept regarding the shifts in modal-share and zero-emission aspirations for the future development of the city. 

Therefore, the Lugano2050 mobility plan stems from a comprehensive, integrated and multi-modal transportation strategy that restructures and reinforces the public transport network along four major connecting axes and a series of strategically-located interchange nodes. It also facilitates the correct transition of the territory and zero emissions of the transport network through the delineation of a low-emission zone and the promotion of alternative, active and green mobility solutions. 

Finally, the proposal favors the 15-minute city within the master plan’s urban constellations by strengthening walkability, proximity, and density of services.

Photo by Julia Goralski on Unsplash.

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