Mashhad Mall: A Unique Case of Urban Mall in Iran


Mashhad Mall is a unique case of urban mall, located in a very central area of Iran’s second largest city: Mashhad. The Mall is designed to be integrated with its surrounding urban context. Currently under construction, it is aimed at providing Mashhad with a top retail destination, expanding over 620,000 sqm and hosting a large retail and entertainment offering, together with hospitality and luxury residential functions.

Systematica is involved in Mashhad Mall as a strategic mobility consultancy, appointed for the definition of a comprehensive and integrated mobility strategy including vehicular access, parking circulation, and pedestrian movements within the mall. Systematica’s involvement in projects in Iran has been increasing in the last years, mainly in Tehran; Mashhad Mall is the first project outside Iran’s capital city and confirms Systematica’s active role on major developments in Iran.

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