Transportation Beyond Infrastructure: Systematica’s Article for ‘Equilibri’ Journal


Systematica is one of the contributors of the last Issue (1/2018) of the journal EQUILIBRI, launched in May 2018, and entirely dedicated to Contemporary City. EQUILIBRI is a scientific journal providing a composite and pluralistic vision of development, showing its complex implications, economic, social and political.

Diego Deponte and Giuseppe Alizzi, Systematica’s Partner/Director and Consultant respectively, are co-authors of the article “Beyond Infrastructure. Transportation as a Tool for Urban Planning and Social Cohesion (Oltre l’infrastruttura: i trasporti, strumento di riforma dell’assetto urbano e della coesione sociale)”.

The article reveals how the implementation of high-speed rail-based connections is changing the usual relationships among cities at European scale and how, simultaneously, new technologies are accustoming us all to a new idea of mobility, to be used as a «tailor-made» service. Two concrete experiences are presented on these concerns: Grand Paris Express, representing the largest on-going transport-related urban European project, and Whim, the app developed by the Finnish company MaaS and currently available in Helsinki, West Midlands, Amsterdam and Antwerp.

Systematica’s contribution on transportation beyond infrastructure enriches the debate on Contemporary City and confirms Systematica’s commitment to put innovation and social inclusion on top priority in transport planning and mobility engineering.

More info on EQUILIBRI Issue 1/2018 are available on the official website of the Journal.

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