MIND Milestones


Since the awarding of the development contract for the MIND area in 2017, Systematica has been playing a crucial role in developing the MIND urban regeneration project alongside. Lendlease and Arexpo S.p.A. This project encompasses public and private spaces, parks, a new railway station, and advanced public transport infrastructure.

In fact, Systematica has been developing, from the onset of the project, the integrated mobility plan and accessibility strategies for all mobility modes of the master plan, integrating the strategic mobility framework into a high-quality urban spatial configuration.

From the awarding of the contract to the approval of the Integrated Intervention Plan and throughout the implementation phase — including urbanization works and building permits for various functional sections— Systematica has actively contributed to project meetings and facilitated the collaboration and interaction with authorities, ensuring that MIND’s innovative approach — the first major urban, walkable development based on public transport and active mobility — aligns with a correct and sustainable transport framework.

Key milestones include:

– November 2017: Lendlease wins the redevelopment contract; Systematica joins the project team to define accessibility strategies.

– February 2020: Urban development plan and unified environmental assessment approved. Systematica develops the comprehensive mobility plan and traffic models aimed at validating the overall transport sustainability of the project.

– June 2020: Agreement between the City of Milan, Arexpo, and Lendlease activates Lendlease’s 99-year concession. Systematica supports approval processes for functional section projects, and urbanization works within and outside the area.

– July 2021: Approval of urban projects for the Westgate area functional sections.

– August 2022: Galeazzi Hospital, one of the three public anchors characterizing the MIND area development, opens to the public.

 – October 2023: Università degli Studi di Milano hub UNIMI Innova opens for up to 12,000 students following the concession agreement to Lendlease.

– June 2024: Final approval of internal urbanization works and road reconfiguration for the north and west MIND areas.

– June 2024: Signing of the implementation agreement between Italian Railways Network, the City of Milan, Lombardy Region, and Arexpo S.p.A. for the construction of the new MIND-Merlata railway station, a key element in ensuring site accessibility, particularly to the Unimi and Human Technopole public anchors.

Image courtesy of Lendlease and Mario Cucinella Architects


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