Nuova Piazza Trento


The Municipality of Milan has given the green light to the comprehensive guidelines for the groundbreaking public space redevelopment project spanning Piazza Trento and the adjoining streets of Via Crema, Via Adige and Via Palladio.

Led by the team at ACPV ARCHITECTS Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel for A2A, this initiative places the creation of a vibrant, pedestrian-centric public space at its core. The project envisions a transformative reorganization of the road infrastructure, incorporating innovative elements and principles to moderate vehicular traffic and foster safer, more accessible public spaces. The proposed intervention is set to modify the existing road network, cultivating an expansive pedestrian and bicycle-friendly zone. This plan introduces a new radial extension, expanding northward to Porta Romana and southward beyond the Porta Romana rail yard.

In our capacity as road designers, we were tasked with developing both preliminary and final concepts, complemented by an extensive traffic impact study. Systematica, functioning as a transport consultant in addition to the road design role, spearheaded the project’s traffic impact analysis. This encompassed assessing the repercussions of the reconfiguration of the road system and the traffic demand stemming from the construction of the new A2A headquarters, employing advanced traffic models for a comprehensive evaluation. The transport study emerged as a pivotal component in shaping the overall Master Plan, shedding light on critical issues and potential strengths associated with diverse design options.

Other partners include P’ARCNOUVEAU, Alpina S.p.A., Metis Lighting, GAD Global Assistance Development, AcusticaStudio, Deerns Italia, and Spazio3 Architettura Srl.

Image Courtesy of NeverEndingStudio

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