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Systematica is participating in CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati’s transformation of the former petroleum refinery plant into a renewable energy park for the port authority of Trieste, Italy. 

By proposing innovative methods for repurposing former industrial facilities, the design seamlessly incorporates renewable energy sources. Furthermore, central to the project are six decommissioned oil reservoirs, each standing at 15 meters. With a combined capacity of 110,000 cubic meters, these tanks will be transformed into ‘water batteries’ connected to the Adriatic Sea, resulting in a total of 365,000 square meters of reclaimed seafront park space. Seawater is pumped into the tanks to store potential energy, which is then converted into hydroelectric energy when needed, utilizing agrivoltaics for energy provision. This approach not only repurposes industrial infrastructure but also integrates renewable energy sources into #urban spaces.  

Systematica facilitated the development of the master plan by conducting a comprehensive analysis and traffic studies. Systematica’s contributions encompassed benchmarking innovative #transportation modes such as people movers, tramways, and trains, devising a #mobility strategy focused on enhancing accessibility for both logistic and visitor flows, exploring options for reactivating on-site railway connections and studying logistics and urban flow separation. Additionally, Systematica examined visitor routes and cycling paths and proposed flexible parking solutions to optimize overall functionality and efficiency.

The master plan aims to reestablish the connection between the city of Trieste and the adjacent municipality of Muggia. Besides energy facilities, the master plan includes green spaces, urban farms, and an Innovation Park, demonstrating a commitment to decarbonizing cities and envisioning sustainable energy futures.

Image courtesy of CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati

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