Qiddiya City Dragon Ball Theme Park

Systematica_Qiddiya-City-Dragon-Ball Theme-Park

The Dragon Ball Theme Park concept design has been revealed by the Qiddiya Investment Company.

Located in Qiddiya City and spanning over 500,000 m², this entertainment complex will feature more than 30 attractions, resort hotels, F&B outlets, and retail shops.

Systematica played a crucial role in assessing and strategizing the theme park’s internal mobility. Our team optimized walkability and enhanced key features within the master plan. We conducted network analyses using GIS to evaluate travel distances and connections between attractions.

Our study focused on:

– Understanding walking distances from main attractions
– Integrating new pedestrian connections
– Calculating potential person trips through choice analysis

Our goal was to optimize the internal mobility network while enhancing connectivity, ensuring the Dragon Ball Theme Park meets its aspirations and provides visitors with a unique experience.

Image courtesy of Qiddiya Investment Company

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