Parking after Covid-19


Systematica is delighted to announce that Aripinge SpA, an investment company operating in the infrastructure sector, with specific focus toward energy transition, finalized on July 22 a 43 million Euro-project financing loan according to the ESG sustainability linked scheme, with a pool of banks led by Intesa San Paolo and also composed of Banco BPM and BPER Banca. At the same time, the merger of all the Group concessionaires operating in the “parking and sustainable mobility sector” was completed, giving rise to the sub-holding Parkinge.

Systematica was an active part for all the evaluation period, carrying out the parking due diligence related to demand forecasting and parking occupancy profiles. The assessment includes the analysis of the impact of Covid 19 on the Italian mobility market throughout 2020, paying particular attention to the recovery after the reopening of economic activities and the reduction of limitations on personal mobility. Based on this data, the recovery of the parking demand was estimated, with the main objective to forecast when the performance of each asset would be comparable to pre-Covid 19 levels. The second phase of the technical DD consisted of a long-term (2040) projection based on the application of an articulated set of key parameters to estimate CAGRs which refer to trends and projections of population, economy, expected modal split, impact of sharing on demand / transport, tourist mobility component, etc.

More info in Italian can be found here.

Photo by Patryk Sikora on Unsplash

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