Piazza Velasca Redevelopment


The Torre Velasca regeneration project, along with its square, restores the significance and centrality of a place that is turning back into a prominent symbol of Milan. For this reason, it was recognized by THE PLAN magazine and has been honored in the Investment and Asset Management / Completed category at the THE PLAN Real Estate Award.

Systematica worked closely with Hines Italy to provide specialized support in the redevelopment endeavor of Piazza Velasca, designed by Asti Architetti. The design proposes closing the traffic in the space adjacent to the tower, ensuring complete pedestrian access, and transforming what was once dedicated to vehicular transit and parking into a vibrant urban space. This transformation aims to create a new urban lounge at the base of Torre Velasca, a symbol of post-war architecture in Milan, reinstating its rightful place within the cityscape. 

Among the diverse activities undertaken by Systematica, comprehensive traffic analysis played a pivotal role. Utilizing macro-scale traffic modeling for the urban quadrant and micro-scale modeling to assess the impact of pedestrianization on traffic flow, our efforts were instrumental in securing the necessary approvals for the project’s realization.

Photograph by Giacomo Albo

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