Grand Palais


The initial glimpses of the refurbished Nef of the Grand Palais, set to accommodate the fencing and taekwondo events during the games, have been unveiled with great excitement. Led by Chatillon Architectes, this extensive restoration will unveil its first phase to the public this summer before the building’s complete completion is scheduled for summer 2025.

As part of the team involved since the project’s inception, Systematica contributed to this monumental endeavor alongside LAN Architecture.

In 2014, Systematica and LAN Architecture were selected through an international competition to reimagine the Grand Palais, a historic landmark in Paris. Systematica’s role in this prestigious project involved providing specialized consultancy on pedestrian mobility strategies, logistics, and deliveries within the complex.

Through planning and dynamic modeling, Systematica enhanced the operational efficiency of the Grand Palais, ensuring seamless experiences for visitors, employees, and event logistics. Systematica’s focus on flexible solutions allows the venue to adapt to varying crowd sizes and event requirements, guaranteeing a smooth flow of people and goods.

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