Systematica Celebrates its 35th Anniversary!


On June 11, we celebrated Systematica’s 35th anniversary with friends, collaborators, and mobility engineering professionals.

Since its establishment in 1989 by Fabio Casiroli, Systematica has thrived in challenging the status quo of transport planning and mobility engineering and seeking new approaches to support sustainable urban development  through scientific research.

During the event, we discussed the evolution of Systematica, which is, first and foremost, an organization of 100 people. We highlighted the contributions of our dynamic and growing team, which brings together diverse backgrounds and expertise united by a deep interest in sustainable urban mobility and a commitment to advancing our cities.

Over the past five years, Systematica has fully embraced ecological, energy, and digital transitions, progressively transforming crises into opportunities. We’ve opened new markets, developed innovative consultancy services, launched our US office in NYC, and established our research foundation, Transform Transport. This has enriched our work through evolving technologies, a new data culture, and a rigorous approach to social inclusion.

We are delighted to share a short video of the occasion with you.

Stay tuned as we unveil our latest exciting endeavor in the coming months, encapsulating Systematica’s work and vision!


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