Smart Cities and Wayfinding: Systematica’s Vision at Superstudio Più


Systematica is invited to join the cycle of talks on Mobility, organised by Flows and NET Engineering at Superstudio (Milan), within the initiative of the exhibition-event Smart City: Materials, Technology & People. The cycle of talks intends to explore mobility through the words of designers and experts, called to tell their experience and provide an international look on tomorrow’s mobility.

Diego Deponte, Systematica’s Partner and Director, is one of the key-speakers of the second talk, focused on wayfinding and entitled: Flows Design: How Wayfinding Improves the Daily Experience of the City and Its Spaces. The talk will take place on May, 8, in the Conference Hall of the Smart Cities exhibition.

This opportunity represents for Systematica not only an important occasion of dialogue with relevant experts and colleagues, but also and exciting opportunity to reflect together on the theme(s) of sustainable and smart urban mobility.

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