KL, World’s Second Tallest Tower: Systematica for Pedestrian and Vehicle Flows Studies


After the conclusion of a thorough study, carried out over a period of three years, Systematica is once again involved in the development of PNB118 Tower – in Malaysian capital city Kuala Lumpur – with a new assignment, aimed at studying the expected pedestrian and vehicle flows, with a special focus on the design-developing of the West Podium. The PNB 118 Tower Project is a 118-storey building comprising a total of more than 400,000 sqm of office, hotel and commercial functions. The Tower will be the tallest in the country and one of the tallest in the World, exceeding 600m in height, and representing one of the City’s landmarks in less than a decade from now. The West Podium comprises of auxiliary space of hotel facilities located on the upper floors of the 118-storey tower, a high-end residence in addition to a 400-seat ballroom and a 900-seat theatre positioned 10 floors above road level. The scale and position of said venues and their interrelatedness to other functions inside and adjacent to the tower, in terms of circulation areas and parking space will require a detailed study for ensuring adequate and appropriate functioning of the complex  traffic network in specific situations which require complex traffic modelling tools and simulation platforms. Construction works are ongoing and the development is expected to be complete before 2020. This new assignment confirms the high level of services offered by Systematica in mobility’s multi-faceted realm and the strong presence of Systematica in South-Eastern Asia.

For more information about the project, please visit the dedicated page.

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