Systematica Celebrates its 30th Anniversary!


On September 25, Systematica celebrated its 30th anniversary with collaborators, colleagues, clients, friends and professionals from the sector on the rooftop of Triennale di Milano.

Since its foundation in 1989 by Fabio Casiroli, Systematica had thrived to challenge the limits of the transport planning and mobility engineering domain through developing the science and tools that underpin its principles.

During the event, an overview of the main projects, awards and innovative tools was exhibited with the aim to share Systematica’s philosophy, approach and aspirations to the upcoming years, focusing on the strategies that the company is adopting to stay aligned with upcoming technological revolutions in the mobility sector and challenges that our cities are facing and going to face.

A few announcements were also delivered among which is the most waited official opening of Systematica’s office in New York City, in response to its well-consolidated network of clients and projects line up in the US, and Americas in general, and as part of company’s strategy to expand its business horizons and to get closer to its clients.

Furthermore, the publication of the “A 30 Year Review” Book was announced, a book dedicated to this event, aimed at positioning the latest developments along a timeline that draws parallels with major milestones that had taken place in the last 30 years worldwide. The parallelism drawn was also aimed to highlight Systematica’s contribution to some of the important steps through its consultancy, analyses and research.

30 years has gone and Systematica keeps up with the pace of the everchanging dynamics worldwide and through hard work and optimism we are proud to maintain our proactive role in proposing mobility solutions to major developments and propose progressive visions to growing cities. And the journey goes on – stay tuned!

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