Systematica for ANCE Architecture Awards

ANCE Architecture Award-01

Systematica presented “Mobility as a Tool for Urban Regeneration” during the ceremony of the Fifth Edition of the ANCE Architecture Awards in Catania on 18 July 2019.  This year the theme of the competition was “Designing the City of the Future”, with an emphasis on the Catania waterfront.

ANCE Catania represents construction companies of all sizes and forms based in the Province of Catania.  ANCE Catania promotes the development and progress of the construction industry and plays a key role of assistance and advice in favour of companies.  In addition to the institutional activities, in recent years the ANCE Catania has paid special attention to the development and social heritage of the city.

Systematica’s mission directly aligned with the event’s theme, “Designing the City of the Future”, contributed to the discussion around the role of mobility in urban regeneration.  Systematica’s model of transport planning naturally plans for future cities by creating resilient and sustainable transportation systems for complex cities, like Catania.

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