Systematica for Aspesi ‘Rome Urban Regeneration’ Conference


Systematica is invited by ASPESI to join the conference ‘Rinascimento Roma’, focused on the strategic urban regeneration process of the Italian capital city. The conference is part of a wider initiative undertaken by ASPESI ‘Commissione Roma’, committed to envisage development strategies for Rome, through the potential involvement of professionals and experts of urban realm.
On this concern, Systematica participates in the conference presenting an incisive multi-dimensional assessment of the current status of Rome’s mobility network, along with a compared analysis with other European capital cities, namely: Berlin, Madrid and Paris. Giovanni Bottini and Diego Deponte, Systematica’s CEO and Partner respectively, share Systematica’s know-how by tackling MaaS, intelligent infrastructure and other relevant aspects of contemporary mobility in urban realm. Systematica does not limit its contribution to the conference to the analysis of what Rome is currently offering in terms of mobility, on the contrary it invites to develop a clear urban vision entailing large-scale mobility projects to be developed accordingly and in full respect of the unique urban context of Rome, and aimed at creating the first multi-layered seamless mobility network of the Italian capital city.
The entire conference ‘Rinascimento Roma’ is available here (video + audio in Italian).

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